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  "We came together because of our kids, we stay together because of our community" 
    You can make a difference!
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Dear PCWL Membership,

It has been my pleasure to serve as your PCWL president for the 2019 – 2020 year. We accomplished so much this year beginning with our annual back pack drive to our December toy drive. This spring we have sewn over 250 masks for Scottish Rite Hospital and we awarded over $30,000 in scholarships to JJ Pearce graduating seniors. Even with COVID-19, we were not deterred. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Because we were unable to have our spring general meeting, I am presenting our 2020 – 2021 slate of officers at this time. Our by-laws state that we must vote on the slate. Only nays need to respond. You can see that the President elect/scholarship position is open. Please consider volunteering for this rewarding position.


The slate of officers for next year are:

President – Marilyn Hall

President Elect/Scholarship - Open

2nd VP/Programs – Laura Bartolome

3rd VP/Membership – Jacqueline Ferris

4th VP/Credits – Kathy Weatherford

5thVP/Fundraising -Carla Bolner

6thVP/Fundraising – Erin Lenardon

7Th VP Fundraising - Open

Secretary – Jamie Harrison

Treasurer – Heather Novak

Parliamentarian – Leslie McFarlane

Communications – Pam Spelman

Community Service – Kim Winters

Historian – Brenda Ucherek

Hospitality – Rhonda Sinz

Placement – Victoria Munoz-Vivero

Public Relations - Paula Moore

Social/Education Activities – Kaye Johnson

Tender Loving Care – Tricia Freeman

Webmaster - Debby Miller


Our nominating committee was made up of Kathy Weatherford, Vicki McCoy, Holly Lee and Jamie Harrison.


Again, it has been a great year serving as your president.



Paula Moore

To Our PCWL Moms and Pearce Moms!

PCWL, like every social organization is on hiatus for activities until it is determined that we are all safe from the health concerns of today.  However, we have had a wonderful community service opportunity taking place in making masks for various organizations to help with the shortage of these items during this quarantine. 

Our membership year is drawing to a close and we are looking forward to renewing our existing members and bringing new members on board.  We have so many wonderful community service projects in which we participate that are invaluable to our Pearce community members.  In addition, there are many fun social functions that we can become involved in once again - hopefully in a few more months.  Stay tuned here for updates to our philanthropic and social calendars -- and please rejoin us again this year or begin your post-high school mom life by joining the rest of us in PCWL!

FUN-Raising Events A Success!

The last of the four Fun-raising events was a great success!  Thanks to all who attended, hosted and enjoyed each event.  Also thanks to these wonderful, generous sponsors who contributed so much to make our events special and profitable!

Four Tours of America
Lone Star Park
Kenny's Woodfire Grill
Sweet Firefly
The Fifth
Texas Rangers


We appreciate the donations made for our FUN-raising scholarship campaign this year!  Two companies that gave generously are:  Dallas Food and Walking Tours and Lone Star Park.   Local business involvement is imperative in our mission and we truly appreciate their generosity!

Also, our December Toy Drive was an immense success - thank you to all of our wonderful PCWL moms for their generous donations of toys that were distributed with so much joy!!!

Greenwood Hills Thanks YOU!!!

Thanks to all the ladies that donated candy for Greenwood Hills Fall Carnival!

Pcwl also delivered their Enrichment Fund Check to Brandi Curry the assistant Principal - you can see how happy PCWL made GHE! 

Thank you Rhonda Sinz for this timely delivery!

Through your generous donations to PCWL via North Texas Giving Day, our organization raised $5570 to be put to good use for scholarships, teacher supplies and other assistance for students via our Pearce area schools.  Thank you all in a HUGE way for your generous support and allowing us to continue serving this community.  100% of all proceeds are donated to our various schools, teachers and students!  We are truly grateful!!! 

Click on the photo above to view photos from our first gathering of the PCWL year at Abocas!


Our PCWL moms gave generously and came up with 96 filled backpacks that were delivered to various Pearce-area elementary schools prior to school starting!  There are going to be some happy little students when they catch a glimpse of their brand new supplies!!!  Thanks to the organization efforts of Tammy Engels, once again extending her volunteer job of Community Outreach, our community has benefited immensely!  In addition to all the generous members who have donated, thank you to our PCWL mom delivery team of Leslie McFarlane, Susan Heimbuch, Connie Wilcoxen, Jean Solitaire and Tammy Engels!  


check out our Target Scholarship Shoppers HERE

Meet the PCWL 2019 Scholarship Recipients!  Such a wonderful group of bright, energetic future game changers!!  Thanks to all who attended and celebrated with us!  Below is the list of their names and type of scholarship!

Chocolate Angel Sweets!

The 2019 Chocolate Angel fashion show is now a piece of history - but the fun and friendship lives on!!!  The 2019-2020 slate of PCWL officers was announced.


President, Paula Moore

President-Elect/Scholarship, Marilyn Hall

2nd VP/Programs, Rhonda Sinz

3rd VP/Membership, Kathy Weatherford

4th VP/Credits, Laurie Beron

5th VP/Fundraising, Open

6th VP/Fundraising, Open

7th VP/Fundraising, Open

Secretary, Vickie McCoy

Treasurer, Deb Tucker

Parliamentarian, Leslie McFarlane
Communications, Pamela Spelman
Community Service, Open
Historian, Tammie Engels
Hospitality, Laura Bartolome
Placement, Debbie Knox
Public Relations, Heather Wills
Social/Educational, Jill Noland
TLC, Crystie Ewing
Webmaster, Lesa Tye-Kasrai/Gretchen Zimmerman


Our amazing Community Services chairperson, Tammie Engels and many of our wonderful PCWL members made possible a 70 pounds total school supply delivery this month!!!  Thanks to all who donated for your generosity, shopping and delivery times!!!  Below are the happy faces taking delivery at Prestonwood (Nancy), RISD Academy (Maria) and Northrich!

PCWL Volunteers Help North Texas Food Bank

Our dedicated PCWL volunteers were responsible for the effort of packing boxes for the underserved in Panama.  Thank you to each of you for your time and efforts that are making a difference in so many lives!!!


PCWL Members are generous with their time and donations!  Our annual Toy Drive produced 152 toys to our Pearce area school children.  We also had seven members who assisted in our inaugural visit to North Texas Food Bank.  The food bank participation achieved 8 pallets of sorted food which can make up to 4800 meals!  WOW!!!  Thanks to all of our wonderful members and volunteers and to Tammi Engels for her enthusiasm and guidance in making these commitments! 

Just a Reminder!

Reminder from our Treasurer:

Just as in the old PTA days, PCWL cannot reimburse or pay sales tax.  Any member purchasing items for PCWL should download and print the Tax Exempt Form available on the website under Forms and Documents and give to the seller for a tax free purchase.  Please keep a copy of the form with you for valid purchases.  Any questions, please call Deb Tucker.

Reminder if you volunteer in RISD Schools:

To volunteer for events in RISD schools, please be sure and complete a Volunteer Application through this website address:  RISD Volunteer Application


Our PCWL Moms Volunteer to Feed Starving Children!

On Saturday, September 21, PCWL members were part of a volunteer group that hand packed enough meals to feed 63 malnourished children for one year in Cuba.

Look for the next opportunity to pack meals at FMSC on October 20, 2018 from11:30am-1:30pm.  Signups will only be allowed up to October 15 at 3:00p. 

Sign up now and receive PCWL service credit!  SIGN UP HERE


Thanks to all of you, we surpassed our goal and delivered a total of 87 backpacks on 8/13 to Bukhair, Dobie, Prestonwood, Greenwood Hills and Northrich Elementary!!  Our schools were thrilled!  You should be proud!

Special thanks to our PCWL mom volunteers that assisted in delivery:  Tomi Morriss,Lisa Albert, Laura Bartolome, Susan Heimbuch and Leslie McFarlane.

We couldn't do this wonderful annual backpack drive without the love and dedication of all of our members - both active and sustaining!  Thank you for your time and generosity from the staff of these schools and the children they serve!!!  Check out more backpack delivery photos HERE.

Tammie Engels, Community Service Chair

Our Legacy Scholarship Winners 2018!

Congratulations to the youthful, energetic faces above who are recent winners of our PCWL Legacy scholarships.  This includes a shopping trip to Target to purchase school and dorm supplies for their first year of college.  Some of us PCWL moms miss the opportunity to shop with their kiddos first venture into college life, so this experience of partnering and advising a Legacy winner is always a pleasure!  This year's winners and their PCWL Mom Partners are: 

Legacy Winner
Legacy Winner
Aaron Goldman
Tammie Engels
Erica Newberg
Laura Meisel
Max Braht
Marcel Solman
Kaitlyn Zimmerman
Kim Malcolm
John Dunkerly
Kim Caston
William Dunkerly
Susan Heimbuch
Emma Abelman
Cori Pratt
Sam Harrison
Chrystie Ewing
Clayton price
Tricia Gold
Cullen Embry
Debbie Olschwanger
Arianna Hadjebian
Sheila Legan
Elizabeth Braht (Lizzy)
Lisa Faulkner-Dunne

Be sure and check out more scholarship shopping pictures HERE.

Ben Neighbor Memorial Scholarship

A 2005 graduate of JJ Pearce HS, Ben epitomized “student-athlete.” He was captain of the football team, earned all-state academic honors, as well as all-city and all-district honors.  Ben was a great man, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend.  To celebrate his amazing life and the impact he had on others, his family is establishing the Ben Neighbor Scholarship FundBen’s legacy will include scholarships to deserving Pearce High School students who exemplify Ben’s life of integrity, kindness, leadership, effort and heart for welcoming and embracing all.

PCWL sends their deepest sympathy to Ben Neighbor's family, his wife Beth, parents and extended family.  To donate to his memorial scholarship, please click HERE.  100% of all donations are used for annual scholarships to graduating Pearce area students.  PCWL appreciates your donations and Ben's family will be informed of all donations made to his memorial scholarship. 

Want to Become a Member of PCWL?

Is your last child a Pearce High School Senior ready to graduate or will your last child be a Senior at Pearce this coming fall?  Want to stay involved in your community or finally enjoy some time for yourself socializing among women who are former Pearce busy moms?  We want you!!!  Please express your interest to our membership chairperson, Kathy Weatherford at or 214-762-7194 today!  We would love to invite you to one of our events so you can see how much fun we have now that the kids have run away!!!

PCWL Ladies Spread Holiday Cheer to Pearce Area Kiddos!!!

PCWL's annual Toy Drive resulted in 35 members donating 121 toys to four Pearce area elementary schools.  Many thanks to our generous members from some very grateful and surprised children! 

Pearce Pom Squad



Earlier this year, PCWL provided a generous donation to the Pearce Pom Squad to purchase performance tops, bows and duffle bags for their performances.  PCWL’s own Deb Tucker, spoke with the Pom Squad’s faculty leader about the squad’s mission and goals.  Here are the excerpts of her communication with Coach Jacklyn Smith:


How many girls are in the squad?  There are 22 members of the Pearce Pom Squad.


What is their mission?  My mission for the Pearce Pom Squad is to provide a dance team, separate from Pacesetters, for JJPHS students.  Pearce is a large campus, therefore there are many students on campus who have not found a group, team, organization to be a part of.  By creating the Pearce Pom Squad, more dance students have been given the opportunity to belong on a team, which is allowing them to continue their dance training and gain performance opportunities.  Another mission of the Pearce Pom Squad is to spread “Pearce Pride” throughout the entire community and feeder pattern, specifically reaching out to the elementary schools not neighboring the high school.


Is the goal to have a pom squad every year?  Pearce Pom Squad will continue for many years to come, hopefully indefinitely.  One of the perks of this organization is the students are earning a semester credit for Fine Arts.  We are hoping all Pearce Pom Squad members either go on to become Pacesetters or continue to serve as members on the Pom Squad, serving as role models for the new members we will gain next year.


What exactly did we buy for them?  With your generous donation, we were able to purchase beautiful performance tops as well as bows that are worn while performing, along with team duffle bags.  The duffle bags are used to carry their workout clothes to and from school.  The members also use their duffle bags when traveling to and from events and performances; they use their bags to carry their poms, cover ups, shoes, etc. 


PCWL extends their very best wishes and congratulations to these lovely young women and their coach for many happy years of Pearce spirit!!!


PCWL Helps Fund Pearce Student Government 


Our newest PCWL philanthropic commitment is helping to fund the new JJ Pearce student government. On June 19 the newly elected JJ Pearce student officers participated in team building exercises at their morning retreat in Parker, TX.


“Our 28 student officers have been elected to serve as the voice of the student body and to propel the necessary changes that will create a more unified Pearce High School. These students were chosen to serve as student government officers based on application essays, teacher recommendations, interviews, and student body voting.


Some of the things our officers will oversee are homecoming, community service projects, school improvement, improving student:teacher and student:student relationships. With this new format we will be able to introduce new projects to JJP and continue to build many of the traditional JJP initiatives.” Sarah Dailey Easterling JJ Pearce Student Government Sponsor


The goal is that this program will filter down to the junior high and elementary schools preparing our students to be our future leaders.